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State Carnival

Weather forecast is for mostly sunny day with temp around 26. Remember to bring your sunscreen!

Appointments for MONDAY (updated) - PDF

Ver 5  30th April  5.09pm

State Carnival Referee Information - PDF




Referee Emergency Contact                       Dave Logan                0418 995 452



The referee’s area is located on the ground floor of the main stadium off Sportsman Parade.


Access to the referee’s area in the stadium will be available from 6:30am both days.


For matches in the first cycle, a briefing will be conducted in the referee area at 8am. For those allocated to the second and subsequent rotations, there will be repeat briefing at 9.45am. It is essential that all referees attend one of these briefings.


Players in this competition are not permitted to wear jewellery of any description (including wedding bands). This also includes jewellery taped over and rubber bands around the wrist. In the same manner match officials must not wear any item of jewellery, with the exception of wrist watches, whilst they are officiating.

Changes to Appointments

​If you have to withdraw from matches any later than Wednesday night, you must contact the Referees Coordinator (Dave Logan – 0418 995 452) via phone. Do not use email in this circumstance.

If you need to change any appointments on the day (for reasons such as injury or illness) please contact the coordinator at the field. Do not simply make your own arrangements.

Where it is possible to do so, we’ll send our referees in black so we all look the same. We’ll have a few spare black shirts available at the referee area. Please note that one S.C team plays in a black strip, so an alternative colour should be worn when these teams are involved. If you have no alternative colour, please borrow a shirt at the referee hub.


​Players may wear their club skins during all matches. The club skins may not match the Zone playing strip, but this is acceptable for this tournament. This includes undershorts and undershirts.


Where you feel it appropriate, you may warn a dissenting player to desist his/her dissenting words or actions HOWEVER, no player is to be given a second warning for dissent. Where you need to intervene with dissent and issue a yellow card, the player MUST be subject to a temporary dismissal (“sin bin”). The player may sit on the sub bench until his/her time is completed and the referee (or the AR1 if the referee chooses to delegate this function to the AR1) may allow the player to return. Any subsequent dissent from that player would result in a second yellow card and a dismissal. ALL referees, please be consistent in the application of this instruction. “Sin bin” will be 5 minutes in all divisions.


Technical Area. 

There can only be one manager and one coach plus substitute players in the technical area. You may ask ground officials to enforce this or you may ask any other person to leave the area. Obviously, the exceptions to this rule are the presence of medical personnel, a ground official and a referee coach/assessor. LOTG apply to team officials in the Tech Area, so where dissent or other misconduct comes from that area, warn in the first instance, tell in the second and send in the third.


Normal football rules (i.e. the LOTG) INCLUDING offside, will apply to under 10 games


Short corners apply for Under 10 and 11 fixtures, i.e. 25 metres from the centre of the goal. These corners should be marked.



Match Cards, Scores and Discipline

​Both teams participating in each match are required to complete a Match Card prior to the commencement of any match.

Match cards will be “paper” versions NOT electronic at this carnival.

10. Match Details

U10, U11, U12   2 x 20 min halves / 5 min half time break

U13, U13G, U14, U16B   2 x 25 min halves / 5 min half time break

U18/SM, U16G/SW   2 x 30 min halves // 5 min half time break

10 min between games on each field

Caution Codes

Y1        Unsporting Behaviour (including dangerous play)

Y2*       Dissent by Word or Action

Y3        Persistent Offences

Y4        Delaying the Restart of Play

Y5        Failure to Respect Distance when Play Restarted with a Dropped Ball, Corner

            Kick, Free Kick or Throw in

Y6        Entering, Re-entering or Deliberately Leaving the Field of Play without the

            Referee’s Permission

Send Off Codes

R1        Serious Foul Play

R2        Violent Conduct

R3        Biting or spitting at someone

R4        Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity by a

             handball offence

R5        Denying a goal or obvious goal scoring opportunity to an opponent whose

            overall movement is towards the offender’s goal by an offence punishable by a

            free kick

R6        Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures

R7        Receives a second caution in the same match

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