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Watch this page for any weather cancellations this week.

Current forecast shows a fine weekend with temperatures quite warm (high 20's). Remember to keep hydrated and do the slip, slop, slap (and you may need bug spray on Friday night!). If you think that players need a drinks break, please follow the same procedure as last week.


Friday night games for seniors 

Saturday games for juniors 


Appointments for Fri 24th and Sat 25th March
5 Friday  2.30pm
Ver 5 has update on MAJOR changes shown in ver 4. Thanks to those who have stepped up to take some more games already. We do have a LOT of people away this weekend, so there's still gaps, please let me know if you can fill any of them.
Please make sure that you check these appointments and advise if there are any problems.


Grading guidelines for Red cards

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