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Here's some of our most frequently asked questions

What do I do if it’s raining when I’m supposed to referee?

Presume that your game is ON unless you are informed otherwise. If games are cancelled the information will be placed on the SCCSA FaceBook and web page AND on our own website  appointment page. Each referee affected will normally receive an email (if there’s time) or a text message (if it’s a very late cancellation). However, it must be understood that sometimes games are cancelled at the very last minute and it is possible (although not common) that you won’t find out that the game has been cancelled until you arrive. It may also be that you consider the ground unsafe and cancel the game when you arrive, however I suggest that such decisions should be left to the senior referee at the ground.


What happens if I’m appointed as an AR and the centre referee doesn’t turn up?


This is a very difficult situation and needs to be handled carefully. In general, if you area first year referee OR if you are the same age or younger that the players in the game concerned, you must NOT referee the game. If you have refereed the particular age group before, then it’s OK for the senior AR to take over the refereeing duty. If you are an experienced referee AND the players are younger than you AND you feel confident enough to referee the game then you may do so. Remember, it’s still OK if a coach has to referee the game, for you to act as an AR (i.e. what you were appointed to do). Where it is possible, we will have a senior referee at most grounds on Saturdays and that senior referee can make a call as to who will referee the game. We understand that you may feel pressured by club/team officials to take the centre, however your welfare is important to us, so stick to the guidelines – it’s safer that way!



What do I do if I can’t get to my game at the last minute?

If you are a player and you are injured playing your game and thus can’t referee, we do understand. Likewise, if you are delayed in traffic etc. If this happens and you CAN’T get to your game, please phone Dave Logan (0418995452) as soon as possible. If you can’t get Dave, ring Marsh (0438921530) and explain the situation. Please make the call as soon as you know that you can’t do your game so, if possible, we can arrange a last minute replacement for you. Remember, the more notice you give, the easier it is to find a replacement, so make the call as soon as you know that you can’t get to your game.



Where do I buy a whistle?


We can supply Fox 40 whistles.  However, you should be able to buy a good referee whistle at any sports store. Make sure that it is a pealess type. Generally, Fox and Acme are best brands to look for. You should expect to pay between $10 and $20, although you sometimes can get good prices on eBay.



What sort of watch do I need and where can I buy one?


If you are serious about refereeing, a good watch is an important part of your equipment. Obviously, a stop watch function is pretty much essential, but you will find that most digital watches will have a count UP type stop watch built in. It is best to get a watch that also has a COUNTDOWN stop watch function, so you can set the length of each half, start your watch and it will alarm (either “beep” sound or vibrate or both) when time is up. You should be able to pick up a suitable watch at major stores (such as Kmart, Target, Big W etc) – the cheaper watches are generally around $10. Once again, if you Google “watch with countdown timer” or do a similar search on eBay, you should be able to find a fairly inexpensive watch (probably one that you can use as your everyday watch as well). Of course there are better watches if you are prepared to pay for them. Casio and Spintso both make watches that are specifically designed for referees. You can buy one (online) through  or or, again, through eBay (search for referee watch or timer). You would expect to pay between $50 and $120 for one of these watches (Spintso being the dearer option). I have noticed a “referee watch” on eBay (brand is “Leap”) selling for under $20 with suppliers both within Australia and overseas.

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