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In our 6 a side game, all normal LOTG apply with the following changes:

Six a side Competition Rules
All FIFA rules apply outside of the following modifications:

  • Only six (6) players are on the field at any one time.
  • Unlimited interchange. (During play is permitted)
  • A goal can only be scored by kicking the ball from outside the semi circle.
  • If a player is inside the semi circle he/she has the following options:
     1. Head the ball into the goal, or
     2. Kick or pass the ball outside the semi circle and then a goal may be       

  • If a player kicks a goal from inside the semi-circle then a free kick is awarded to the defending team.
  • The Goal Keeper may not throw, kick or by any other means, the ball over the half way line on the full. This is the same from a goal kick, penalty inside the circle or a kick out into play.      (This rule is in place because of the small field sizes.)
  • Should the above rule be broken a free kick to the opposite team on the half- way line close to where the ball landed is awarded.
  • Offside rule - it is not good sportsmanship to place players up close to the Goal Keeper -  this may result in the Referee issuing a warning.
  • If a goal is scored by a player who would normally be considered to be in
an offside position (very obvious) then the goal may be disallowed at the Referee’s discretion.
  • Red & Yellow cards will be issued for the serious incidents.

  • 2 x 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute break at half time will be played.
  • All Free Kicks are indirect, meaning they must touch another player before scoring a goal.
  • No player is allowed to slide at the ball or tackle. If a player goes to ground trying to play the ball or slides, an indirect free kick may be given.

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